Can You Trust Free Antivirus Programs?

Hackers are creating tons of harmful threats such as spywares, malwares, adwares, Trojans etc on a regular basis. There are several ways through which they can attack your PC and makes it compromised. In such a situations, users starts to look for the antivirus programs. If you start to search for the antivirus program then you will find several softwares. Almost all the companies provides the trial version of the software. Many users download the free programs and use it to remove the threats completely from the system. But here a questions arises that does free antivirus program provides complete protection to the system? Is it necessary to purchase the full version of the software?

Antivirus Programs

According to the basic performance, both the free as well as paid antivirus are same. All the programs allows the users to scan the system and detects the presence of available threats in the system. But some free programs are not able to remove the threats as they are only designed to detect the infections. It will ask you to puchase the full version to clean the system completely. Once more noticeable difference is that some of the free programs are not able to detect new threats as it lacks malware definitions whereas paid version will monitor the system behavior and immediately shows warning about the danger.

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Difference Between Paid and Free Antivirus Programs:-

Identity Theft: Many malwares are capable to steal the sensitive data of the users and bypass them to the remote servers. Free antivirus program does not support identity theft feature whereas it is available with the paid versions.

Technical Support: Another feature which you will get with the paid version is Technical Support. It means if you will get any difficulty while using the software then it will provide one-to-one technical support to help the users.

Advertisements: One of the annoying thing with the free antivirus is advertisements. Every time you will scan the system with free program then you will get pop up alerts which will ask you to sign up for the paid version which is quite distracting.

Parental Control: Free antivirus program does not support the Parental Control feature. It is used to help the users to monitor their children’s activities on social networking sites. It will help you to restrict some sites.

Easy To Install: If you are paying for one-year licensed version, then installing the software is quite easy. It have less conflicts as compared with free application. With the full version, you can easily set rules and lock the system to protect it from unauthorized access.

Additional Features: With the paid antivirus program, you will get lots of additional features such as Firewall alert, complete protection, Scheduled scanning, custom scan, phishing site alerts and many more which is not available with the free antivirus softwares.

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Who Needs Paid Antivirus Programs?

Antivirus ProgramsIf you are running a small business related to online activities then you should choose the complete package. As it comes with several features including Technical support which can be useful. Additionally, with the full version, you will be able to block some of the sites. Paid programs will be used to protect all the system in a network from the harmful threats.

Parents are also advised to use the full antivirus program which contains additional features. It will display warning messages when your children’s proceed to visit the phishing sites. You can use parental control features which is not available with the free version. Furthermore, it also allows the users to prevent freeloaders from using their Wi-Fi.

For rest of the users, free antivirus programs are sufficient as they will keep your PC up-to-date. But you need to be careful while selecting the free softwares also. Sometimes, user clicks on the suspicious links to install the free programs which they find in pop up or Google search results. It is possible that these are unwanted programs which can install malicious spywares or malwares in the system instead of providing protection. Thus, always download the free software from its official site to keep your PC completely safe and secure for long time.

Tips to avoid virus infection:-

Once the system got attacked by harmful threats then you can use antivirus program to remove them. But if you will follow some preventive measures then it can lesser the risk of virus infections in the system. Some of the important points are given below:-

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious pop ups or advertisements.
  • Do not access spam emails with attachments.
  • Read the EULA or privacy policy carefully before installing any software.
  • Scan the removable devices properly.
  • Perform full scanning in the system at certain intervals of time.
  • Don’t download free music, videos or softwares from unreliable sites.

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