Difference Between Anti-virus and Anti-malware

When it comes it PC security, everyone starts to look for protection tools. When you will search on the web, you will hear about Antivirus or Anti-malware programs. It is quite confusing for users to select the best software. Read the post below if you want to know the difference between these programs.


Virus V/s malware

Before we proceed to know about Anti-virus or anti-malware program, you need to know what is virus and malware? A virus is a specific malware which can enter in your PC to damage it severely. It can also corrupt your stored files or data, replicate in the system etc whereas malware is a broad term which is used to describe all the harmful threats including virus, trojan, worm, adware, spyware etc. Thus, you can say that all viruses are malware. Here a question arises why antivirus companies call them antivirus? In 90’s, virus made headlines and everyone is aware about this term as compare with malware. But today, viruses are available in minority as compared with malware.

Cyber criminals are creating dangerous programs which can not only harm the system but also carries ability to steal the sensitive information of the users. You will be shocked to know that Trojans are capable to monitor the users activities and collect all the data such as bank account number, passwords, login Id, credit card information, phone number, Geo-location etc. It is a difficult task to remove malware like Trojans or adware with the antivirus programs as it lacks some latest detection.

AntiVirus V/s Anti-malware

There are lots of difference between antivirus and anti-malware software which goes beyond semantics. The main difference is that which types of malware they can detect and how they helps the users to overcome with the PC problems. Basically, Antivirus helps the users to deal with established threats including Trojans, viruses or worms while Anti-malware mainly focus on the latest threats and it comes with more heuristic signatures. Anti-malware is designed in such a way which can be used to detect and remove all types of malignant programs including virus which is not possible with anti-virus programs. Anti-malware provides immediate protection from the threats which it encounters during your web session. It can also updates its rules faster as compared with antivirus programs.

With the anti-malware programs, you will get several additional features which will not only removes the presence of harmful threats but also provides identity theft protection, Cloud based back up services, protects the socials accounts, parental controls etc. These days, Zero-hour or zero-day malware, Zeus banker virus or Reveton Ransomware are in news which can result extremely dangerous for the computer system. If you make use of any traditional antivirus products then it will be almost an impossible task to remove them. These threats are extremely powerful which can even disable the working of antivirus programs. In order to get rid of these threats, you can make use of anti-malware programs.

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Which one you should use for your PC protection?

As you know, not a single tool will be able to detect everything harmful in the system. That’s why, experts suggests a layered approach. You can use both the programs i.e. antivirus and anti-malware programs at a time. You have definitely heard an old saying i.e. “jack of all trades, master of none”. There are many programs which claims to provide all-in-one security suites but they will not be able to detect everything easily. Thus, you can make use of antivirus programs which will help you to remove the classic threats and anti-malware to detect the presence of latest and harmful threats. Many users also frightens to use two programs at same time. You should know that most of anti-malware programs are light-weight and easy to use which you can install with antivirus programs. It will not affect your system performance at any cost.

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How To Avoid Attacks From Malware?

These security programs will definitely help the users to remove the presence of harmful threats such as malware, virus, Trojans, worms, rootkit etc. But if you will use some safety measures then the risk of infection will be lesser. Some of the important tips are mentioned below:-

Visiting Infected Sites: Online surfing is one of the common reason for virus infection. You must always avoid visiting the unauthorized pages and do not click on the suspicious links which appears on your screen.

Spam Email Attachments: Spam emails often contains infected attachments. Thus, do not open any mail send by the unknown person.

Downloading Free Stuffs: Your system can also got infected if you download any free software without reading the terms, privacy policy or EULA.

Enable Firewall: To increase the system security, you need to enable Windows Firewall. It will protect your system from unauthorized incoming connections from the third party hackers.

Regular Scan: You should scan your PC at regular intervals. If any threat is available then you need to remove it immediately after detection.

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