How does anti-virus software work?

Anti-virusThese days, it is a extremely difficult task for the Computer users to protect their system from the worst impacts of vicious spywares or malwares. It doesn’t matter that you are using updated Anti-virus program but they can find their own ways to penetrate in the system. Thus, it is essential for the users to use updated antivirus program in the system if they surf the web, download files, play online games etc. An antivirus program is used to identify the presence of dangerous stuffs in the system and remove them permanently. As you know, there are several programs available in the market which are enhanced with advanced features. But do you know how these antivirus works in the PC? How it differentiate the virus with other legitimate programs? If you want to know the answer of these questions then read the given post carefully.

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Techniques Users By Anti-virus To Detect Threats:-

When you start the scanning process using the anti-virus program then it uses some detection method to identify the threat. Some of the common points are given below:-

  • Signature Based Detection.
  • Heuristic Based Detection
  • Behavioral-Based detection
  • Sandbox detection
  • Data mining techniques

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psSignature Based Detection: It is one of the most common technique which is used by the anti-virus program. Initially, it detects all the .EXE files and matches them with the popular virus or malicious threats. It also validates the suspicious executable files in the system which shows any sign of the virus. Generally, the program scans the files or applications which are in use. When you download any executable file then it is scanned by the program immediately. Thus, it is always advised to the users to use on-access scanning which will detect the threat instantly when you download any file.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psHeuristic Based Detection: It is another detection which is mostly used in combination with signature-based detection. Almost all the anti-virus programs comes with Heuristic technology. It helps the program to identify new threats. It scans the files or documents with suspicious codes and targets the new or modified version of the threats even without the existing virus definition files.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psBehavioral-Based Detection: Basically, it is used in Intrusion Detection mechanism which focus on the characteristics of the threat while execution process. It will only help to detect the malwares when it performs any malicious activities in the system.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psSandbox Detection: This type of detection mainly executes the application in the virtual environment. It tries to track which type of function does it perform in the PC. It double check the application and its functions to identify it is a virus or not.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psTechniques of Data Mining: It is one of the latest detection which helps the anti-virus to detect the malicious programs. It makes use of set of programs features to identify the harmful threats in the system.

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Features Of Anti-virus Program:-

If you are thinking to buy any anti-virus program for your PC then look for the features which are given below. It is extremely important for removing the presence of threats permanently from the system.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psBackground Scanning: It is also known as on-accessing scan. It is used to scan the files which you open from theAnti-virus back-end. It is an extremely important feature which is essential for the protection of the system from malignant threats.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psFull System Scan: If your anti-virus program have on-access scanning facility then it is not essential. Mostly, full system scan are important when you install the software in your system for the first time or updated the program. Full Scanning will help you to detect the presence of malicious spywares in the system and it will help you to remove them permanently.

104626-3d-glossy-green-orb-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark5-psVirus Definitions: In order to identify the harmful malwares, antivirus check for Virus Definitions. Thus, you should use the anti-virus program which have latest virus definition updates. It will help you to detect the latest threats in easy way.

Issues Of Concern:

As you know, when the gets attacked by harmful threats then you can make use of an anti-virus software to protect the PC. But if you will be concerned then you can lesser the risk of virus infection. You just need to follow simple steps which can help you to stop the entrance of threats in the system. Some of the important points are given below:-

  • Do not open spam emails which contains attachments.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links during the web session.
  • Do not download free software from unknown sites.
  • Perform scanning process before using any secondary storage device.
  • Enable Windows Firewall to block unauthorized incoming connections from the third parties.
  • Scan your PC at regular intervals.

Thus, follow all these steps if you want to protect your system from the worst impacts of harmful threats completely.