How To Choose Best Anti-virus Program For Windows PC

These days, it is becoming extremely difficult for the users to protect their system from the worst impacts of threats. With the advent antivirusof technology, hackers are creating malignant threats day-by-day which is not safe for the system performance. These threats are spread over the web which can take benefits to attack the system when user download any free programs from such sites or even visit the infected pages. Some threats have capability to steal the sensitive data of the users and shares them with the third party hackers. Many threats causes redirection of the search results or downloads infectious threats in the PC. This can affect the privacy of the big companies, organizations as well as individuals.

In such a case, only one question occurs in the mind of every PC users that “Which is the best antivirus”? As you know, a large number of anti-virus programs are available in the market. Some program helps the users to remove the threat, some can clean the registry entries or suspicious files etc. Many people use the antivirus which came installed with the system or suggested by the friends. Is this the right way? You must know that all the antivirus are sent to Anti-virus Test Organization every month. This organization gives them a rank which is based on their performance, effectiveness, compatibility, Usability etc. You does not need to fly blind if your system gets infected. Before choosing the best tool for your PC, you should gain complete information about a particular program.


Which Anti-virus Program Is Best?

You can go through some approach to get best answer of this question. The important points which you should check are given below:-

  • Users Opinion
  • Experts Reviews
  • Independent Testing

User Opinion: First of all, you should know that you are not the first person who is having difficulty in choosing the best anti-virus3-circles_user program. Thus, you can go for users opinion in Security forums of trusted sites. You can check whats users says about a particular software which you are going to select for the system. The important part is that before trusting any opinion, you should check the posting history about the users.

Experts Reviews: It is also an important point before choosing the best product. There are lots of sites such as PC Magazine or PC Advisor who provides complete details about the antivirus. You can check these articles to know about the best antivirus of the year and its features. You can also read about the corresponding product which you want to install in your PC. The experts provides the details about the Pros and cons of the product as well as bottom line.

Independent Testing: You can also contact the major certification and testing agencies before selecting the antivirus. You can visit their sites to check the ranking and efficiency of the software.

Some More Points To Check Before Choosing The Right Software:-

Free Vs Paid Products:-

downloadThe first decision you need to take is whether you want to spend money for the anti-virus or not? As you know, there are lots of softwares which provides free version. But the free version comes with limitations. It will help you to scan the system but they are unable to remove the powerful threats permanently. The paid version offers better technical support and best comprehensive protection features as compared with the free ones. Some security suites also offers features like Firewall protection, parental controls, identity theft protection and many more.


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You must know about the software that does it collects information about you? Some programs are designed in such a way which can record the users data and bypass them to the software publisher. You can take Norton as an example. It comes with Norton’s Community watch feature which can record the information about the running process, visited sites and displays risk when you attempt to visit any suspicious site or download any infected software.


Lots of malwares are extremely dangerous which have capability to disable the security programs. Thus before choosing the best software, you should know that “How secure is the anti-virus program itself?”.

Get Complete Details:

Remember The Basic Computer Security Practices:-

You must keep in mind that choosing the best antivirus is not the end of protecting the system from harmful threats. Sometimes,download (3)threats can slip in the PC even in the presence of updated or perfect anti-virus programs. So, you need to follow the preventive steps which can reduce the risk of system attacks. Some of the important points are given below:-

  • Try to avoid downloading free softwares from unreliable sites.
  • Do not open the spam emails with attachments.
  • Enable Windows Firewall to block the incoming connections.
  • Always scan the removable devices properly before using in the system.
  • Perform scanning process at some intervals to detect the threats and if found then remove it permanently.

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