Browser hijacker is considered as malware which have capability to change the browser settings of the compromised PC. Recently, came in news which is created by the cyber crooks. Its interface seems just like a real search engine site which provides a search bar to the users. It can lure in the PC without your consent and carries ability to perform changes in the default browser settings. In its presence, you will detect some unknown extensions in the Google Chrome, plug-ins in the Internet Explorer and add-ons in the Mozilla Firefox. It does not allow the users to visit any of their favorite or bookmarked pages. Moreover, it is capable to hijack and conducts changes in the default settings of the system including DNS configurations, search engine, default homepage, DLL files etc.

During the web session, will generate countless pop ups and advertisements on the screen which is extremely annoying. It tactics on the users download the latest version of the software from its homepage. You should be aware that installing free program from its links can bring bundles of infectious threats in the PC. Furthermore, it also tries to record the surfing history or cookies of the compromised PC to gain the sensitive details of the users. You will experience extremely sluggish speed of the system functions and installed programs may also stop working. Thus, what are you looking for, if you want to protect your system from aforesaid troubles then you need to remove immediately after detection.

How Invades In The System?

downloadThere are several ways which is used by the threat to penetrate in the PC. Some of the common points are mentioned below:-

  • Gets attached with the spam emails as an attachment.
  • Comes with infected pen drives, data card or secondary storage devices.
  • With the free programs or softwares if you download without reading the EULA.
  • Visiting the infectious websites.
  • Sharing files on social networking sites.


Consequences Of

  • Redirects the search results of the users to its own (1)
  • Monitors the online session secretly.
  • Downloads unwanted threats in the PC.
  • Generates floods of alerts, notification and warning messages.
  • Modifies the registry entries with suspicious codes.
  • Bypass the credential information of the users to remote hackers.
  • Slow down the running speed of all the basic functions of the PC.
  • Disables the working of security tools.

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Presence of is not safe for the system efficiency. It can also affect the personal identity of the users. Thus, it is strongly advised to remove it immediately in the early stage after detection.

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