Troubleshoot Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 Immediately In Effective Way

Whenever I try to connect my Outlook to a server using an RPC connection the Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 then an error message appears on the screen. It displays that “There is a problem with the proxy server’s security certificate”. I am completely annoyed with this alert and looking for the ways to block it permanently. Please help me to get rid of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 permanently. Thank you so much in advance.

Outlook 2010 Error Code 20

What is Outlook 2010 Error Code 20?

MS Office provides an unique application to send and receive emails i.e. MS Outlook. It is useful for professional as well as individual users. You can easily connect your Outlook with the proxy server to access it according to your needs. But many times, when the user tries to connect with the server then “Outlook 2010 Error Code 20” appears on the screen. Due to such alerts, you will not be able to send or receive mails normally. If you are also getting then you need to fix the error as early as possible.

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Root Causes Of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20:-Outlook 2010 Error Code 20

  • Your certificate is invalid or revoked.
  • The name of the site doesn’t match with the certificate.
  • Bogus add-ons or third parties are preventing you to access the server.
  • Damage of the registry entries.
  • Incomplete installation of the MS Outlook in the PC.
  • Damaged system files.
  • Disconnection with the proxy server.

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Common Symptoms Of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20:-

Due to unknown errors, you will detect lots of changes in the system behavior. The common symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Regular crashing or freezing of the operating system.
  • Floods of error codes such as Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 will appear on the screen.
  • Degradation in the running speed of the system.
  • Weird behavior of the PC.
  • Troubles in performing any task normally.

Common Error Messages After Outlook 2010 Error Code 20:-

Due to error code, you will frequently receive lots of annoying error messages or warning alerts. The common alerts are given below:-

Error Message 1:

There is a problem with the security certificate, %s of the proxy server. Outlook will not be able to connect with this server.

Error Message 2:-

The security certificate name is invalid or it doesn’t match with the name of the site. Outlook is unable to connect with the server.

Error Message 3:-

A problem occurred with the proxy server’s security certificate. This certificate does not have trusted certifying authority.

In order to avoid the troubles from the PC, you need to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 as early as possible.